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The State of the World: An IGCC Miniseries

September 01, 2023

Talking Policy Podcast

The world is changing rapidly. A grinding war of attrition is being fought in Europe. Democracy and liberalism are being challenged around the globe. China is rising as an economic and technological superpower and competitor to the United States. Arms control is breaking down. And the climate crisis is threatening to exacerbate conflict, displacement, and inequality.

Since 1983, IGCC scholars from across the University of California and the UC-managed National Labs have used rigorous research, training, and policy engagement to improve policies and practices in ways that help reduce conflict, foster global cooperation, and build a more peaceful world.

To celebrate our 40th anniversary, we are creating a Talking Policy miniseries that will give listeners access to expert analysis—without the jargon. Simple, punchy interviews will help unpack these daunting questions and put things happening locally—whether in Los Angeles, Lagos, or Lausanne—into a broader context of what’s happening globally.

The series will explore threats to democracy, as well as democratic resilience; the global implications of China’s rise; nuclear weapons proliferation and how to limit their spread and use; and the security implications of climate change.

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Miniseries Release: January 2024

Regular Talking Policy episodes resume October 2023.

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