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A group of young people at a climate protest, one of them with a sign that reads

UC Students Confront Climate Change

The Climate Change Review (CCR) is a student-led publication devoted to the interdisciplinary topic of climate change. Since its inception in the fall of 2020, the Review has published over 100 pieces—almost all written by undergraduate students—about subjects ranging from economics and politics to environmental justice, urban planning, and food systems. The Review publishes a variety of content, including standard nonfiction prose, poems, zines, and fictionalized stories. It also routinely promotes and hosts events and initiatives with the goal of bridging the gap between academic researchers and young adults preparing to inherit a warming planet. In spring 2022, CCR held a public climate change art exhibition that featured works from over 20 artists, live music, and an interactive “postcards for the future” art piece.

Founded by Ethan Olson, CCR is led by editor-in-chief Lindsey Ngo and head of growth, strategy, and outreach Shawn Kulasingham, both undergraduate students at UC San Diego.