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Frank Wyer

Dissertation Fellow
UC Los Angeles

Frank’s dissertation addresses the causes and consequences of post-conflict violence in the aftermath of Colombia’s 2016 peace agreement. The first part of his dissertation examines the emergence and expansion of dissident groups, factions of the FARC that reject the peace agreement and refuse to demobilize. He investigates both the origins of these factions, including the role of illicit resources and competition with other groups, and their behavior as they seek to recruit members and retake lost territory. The second part of his dissertation addresses the effects of this threat on the broader peace process, and in particular, on public support for the peace agreement. He uses survey and observational data to assess how political polarization interacts with security concerns and influences who Colombians blame for these setbacks to peace.

Proposal Title:  Defending the Peace: Causes, Consequences, and Responses to Postconflict Violence